Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kilbreth Family Beach Trip 2014

Every year for many we have had the blessing to go to Sunset Beach, NC for family vacation. Sunset holds a lot of sentiment for our family after years of family reunions and vacations, not to mention my own wedding! We look forward to it every summer. It's even sweeter now that the next generation has come along and all the cousins get to spend a week together. This year was wonderful as always and I thought I'd share a *few* pics on the blog. 

The Friday night before we left, Jason and I actually got to go on a date night (thanks Mom and Dad for babysitting!) - we went to Charlotte for dinner and to see Jerry Seinfeld. To say we smiled and laughed a lot is an understatement! 

The next morning we packed the car to the gills and made the trek to the beach!

The first morning is always bliss, gathered around the big dining room table and having breakfast together. 

A lot of our time was spent actually on the beach this year. The kids are the perfect age to enjoy the sand and water (prepare for major pic overload now). 

Pop (my Dad) was a hot commodity while playing on the beach!

The traditional treasure hunt commenced:

 The "pirates" left lots of goodies, even toothbrushes! :) 

There were lots of fun times with cousins:

(the next few are the many faces of Lily!)

Eden and Charlotte are big buddies:

And just lots of fun times with the fam!

Playing bingo!




And a little shopping. 

After a fun and busy week, we headed back home. Edie was knocked out. :) 

We are so blessed to be able to do this every year! So thankful to my parents and grandparents who make it possible!