Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Operation Picture Ready Update

Hello! So it's been a while since I updated the blog about my Operation Picture Ready progress. If you need a reminder for what that is, click here.

The short version is that I haven't lost any weight. :( Here's the breakdown:

1. Gym: I joined the gym and LOVED it. At first, I was going with some of my favorite girls to a gym in Kville, but it just got too complicated (expensive, too far away, hard time finding when I could go, etc.). Then I was going to Planet Fitness several times a week and I honestly looked forward to my time there. I was by myself but really enjoyed the time alone.Then...I had a foot injury. I've had trouble with my feet before after starting a regular exercise routine, but this was pretty bad. I could hardly walk some days. So I had to take a break from my exercise plan, which turned into cancelling my membership. Eden actually started up dance classes again this fall, so I probably would have had to cancel my membership anyway for financial reasons. 

we just got news that our alma mater is offering an 8-month membership to our local YWCA for only $75! And...brace yourself...they have a POOL. Not just any pool either, the holy grail of pools. It is amazing! I've been before to tour the facility and stood there drooling over the lanes and lanes of available H20. You see, my ideal exercise is swimming since my body has always had bad reactions to any kind of impact workout - including just walking. So treadmills, stair climbers, ellipticals, etc. are all difficult for me to maintain regularly. I did enjoy the weight machines and strength training at both previous gyms, so I'll probably keep that up too. 

2. Food: this is up and down. I've had times of pure discipline and victory and times of complete nonchalant failure. It's just a long term battle for me, and I'm still working on it. But I AM working on it, and getting better. 

3. Accountability: obviously I lost my workout buddies when I changed gyms, but I also didn't end up getting to do the Bible study I had hoped to. I have just this week gotten back into an accountability group online with my SIL and her bestie, and we will be posting about our workouts, food, Bible study, etc. 

Although I haven't seen any progress on the scale, I'm still working. I'm also trying to work on my attitude towards myself - I have a lot of self loathing going on and I'm working to take my thoughts captive. Remind myself that my worth is not in my weight. I'm also trying to keep things positive when it comes to being "picture ready" for our cruise. I probably won't look much, if any different. But I'm slowly coming to terms with that. I wanted to look amazing for Jason, but I know in my mind he won't love me any more if I am skinny for our trip. It's hard to re-train my mind, but like I said - I'm working on it! 

Thanks for all of the kinds words and support you lovely readers have given, it means a lot to know you are all with me even when I'm inconsistent. :)

Oh, and I've not forgotten about our little dancer's update, I've just run into some technical difficulties, i.e., my videos won't load correctly. I'll get my main guy working on it. :) 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time to Wrap it Up

I know I'm not winning any blogging awards since I only post about once a month, but thanks to those of you still hanging around! Things have gotten busier than ever with Eden starting school and all of us back in a regular routine, but I'll still do my best to get some regular posts up. 

Thought I'd do a quick post about how we wrapped up the rest of summer. It's been great, with lots of fun and memories. 

$1 summer movies! Harry's first theater experience. 

Sending our favorite babysitter, Holley, off to college. 

 Time outside when it wasn't too hot.

Tea parties with Daddy:

Eden telling Harry what to do (this is actually a year-round thing) ;)

Lots of time loving on our pups

 I got to take a cooking class with Mom - we learned to make Spanish Paella and it was delicious!

 I love when they play so well together!

$0.50 pancakes at IHOP!

Riding bikes with Pop and G&G's:

Lots of (pretend) baking:

And a little real cooking (Caranci sauce with Dad):

Eden styling her own hair:

And cuddle time with my babies. <3

Next post is all about our tiny dancer! Some pics and videos from her summer class, as well as some updates on her first year in school. :)