Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Antics of Harry Boy

Just so everyone knows we are still living, I thought I would give a little post. We have all been very sick with a stomach sickness, with someone new catching it every 48 hours and spending about 6-8 hours throwing up. We even decided to share it with our visiting family, and so far have had 5 of 11 people contaminated. :( Hopefully all will be passed and over soon!

In the meantime, I thought I would post some videos of Harry. Somehow I can only get one to load, but I will try to post the other soon. This is of him rolling over (and over and over). The other video is of him attempting to crawl, so hopefully it will load for another post.

Hopefully I will be back next week, with enough posts to catch everyone up with our house updates, week-long visit with our family, and survival of "the sickness" !

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Total Randomness

I promise to have some posts up about the house next week with finished projects, but for now it is just some fun everyday randomness. :)

First up, I tried a recipe I found on pinterest for Buffalo Chicken. It sounded really good, only had three ingredients, and was a crockpot recipe making it a triple happy recipe for me! It turned out well - looked exactly like the pinterest shot too:

We ate it on toasted ciabatta rolls with chips (fancy, I know).

Next up is a montage of my favorite kiddos, starting with Harry. Here he is waiting for Eden to come running back down the hall (they were playing with a ball):

(SUCH a cutie!!!)

We have had a major breakthrough with Harry this week - as in a TOOTH! You can't really see it from these pictures, but trust me, there is a tooth that finally came through. Here he is wearing his animal t-shirt and matching face:

If you look super close, squint, ignore the glare on his gums and imagine - you can see a little teeny corner of a tooth on the right side of his top gums:

Next up is little miss Edie Rose (Jason doesn't like the name Edie, but I get it out every now and then). When I asked if I could take her picture she wanted to pose by the window:

Then she spontaneously broke into dancing:

And gave herself a round of applause at the end:

Last up is a picture of Harry and Jason sporting their matching super-short haircuts:

That's it for now! I really am anxious to post some finished projects in the house, including the master bedroom and bath but I need a little more time to finesse some stuff. Hopefully by next week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the Air

The weather has turned warm and the kiddos have spring fever! We have spent a ton of time outside the last week or so and they love it. I like it too, just because they seem really happy while outside. Even the pups have had a sunny disposition!

Took this today, our first day of 80 degree weather in 2012 - March 14th. :)

Short sleeves, shorts, and capris - can't believe it is already time for those kinda clothes!

We are making a lot of progress in the house too, but it seems I have several projects in a half-way state - I'd rather wait to post on them until they are finished. The best you get today is a picture of our new floor lamp for the music room:

To finish things off, a quick video of the kids being "happy" - in Eden's words. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Model in Training (or at the very least, a ham caught in the act)

Prepare yourself for a montage of Eden pics!

To start off, I couldn't resist putting this one in of both kids - sitting in the new chair watching Little Einsteins, Eden drinking her juice and Harry eating his foot. :D

Now to the main event - here we go! As a disclaimer, the point of this shoot was to get a shot of her new outfit, found at Target for a whopping $4.

Giving the toe a nice point:

(she is also holding her favorite toy of the moment, "baby")

Classic "pensive model" look here...quite developed for one so young:

For a little action shot, she decided to do a leprechaun kick (sort of):

This was her reaction to me yelling "freeze!" :

And just so he doesn't feel left out, our sweet little Harry bear. :D

It's All in the Details

Not a ton of big things getting done around here (although I did finish painting the master bathroom!), but a whole bunch of little stuff is - thought I would share with the group. :) First up, the curtains in the dining room. Please excuse the horrendous mess that is the table, and the ugly, goldtastic, straight from the 90s light fixture (to be replaced soon!). I had decided to do a high curtain rod like this, that would spread wide enough to expose the entirety of the sliding doors during the day (we know the rod is not even, we have to bring in the right side a bit since that wall is thicker than the left side). I found the curtains at Target and LOVED them...until they were up. I am afraid they are too bland now that I see them.

Opinions? Honestly, I think it needs color! I am a major endorser of neutrals, but I'm thinking I should go with solid green or turquoise to match with the other colors in the kitchen. Once we switch them out, what can I do with these curtains? I really like the pattern and want to put them somewhere. The only other room that they would match is the music room, but I already have new curtains in there. Would it be weird to just have a panel of fabric hanging on a wall, haha?

Next up is Eden's room - I finally got around to hanging some things on her walls. We hung this on the door going in:

For those who don't know, we spent a lot of time praying for Eden when we couldn't get pregnant for almost 2 years. This verse seemed appropriate for her. :)

Here is the wall above the dresser:

Notice the major clash of the stark-white dresser and the dingy off-white of the closet doors and lamp be rectified asap. In fact, all of the trim in the house still needs to be painted. :*( These little shadow boxes hold things that are special but not really to be played with, including jewelry boxes and her princess crown (for special occasions). I think we are done with her room for now, at least until we move her to a big girl bed. I already have plans for that too, which include a hand-drawn tree mural for the one big wall in her room (which doesn't currently have anything on it and looks SO bare; I didn't want to hang anything since I am planning on the mural within the next year or so).

After spending some nights working at the new desk in the music room, Jason and I both expressed serious need for a lamp in that corner. Enter Target and a cute little green lamp (for only $10!):

I was also able to hang a mirror and some hooks for coats in the entryway behind the door:

So there you have it - I love doing this part, accessorizing everything. Our bedroom is coming along nicely too, can't wait for the big reveal! :)

P.S. - there will be another post today, inspired by a little drama queen's photo shoot. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hodge Podge

This post is going to be full of random stuff, so here we go!

Wednesday morning we headed to IKEA to exchange our faulty chair. It actually made for a really nice family outing, since IKEA is so family-friendly. It was Jason's first time too. By the time we got there it was almost time for lunch and we were starved. They have a great little nook for kids to eat and watch a movie (flick of the day was Monsters Inc.). Eden loved it!

Chowing down some french fries, applesauce and apple juice. Lunch of champions. :)

Harry is still a bit small for the kid area, so he ate with Jason and me in his own little chair.

Jason getting ready to eat his lunch - a spinach, turkey, and fontina panini - YUM!

Although we picked up a few other little things, this guy was the main purpose of our visit:

I LOVE this chair! I am so excited to finally have a spot by the fireplace to read. I have to admit I have already spent hours reading in it (Hunger Games trilogy, if anyone is interested).

Next random item: I got the orange towels put into the baskets in the kids/guest bathroom. Looking better!

Last random bit: for the first time since he was born (at 10 months old), I found Harry rolled over in his bed after naptime! He doesn't like to be on his tummy, but I managed to get him to smile enough to snap a picture. He has been slower than Eden when it comes to independent movement, so this was a big step for him. In fact, all week he has been moving more and being more adventurous. Every few minutes I hear him griping when he falls face forward on the floor trying to reach for something. Sounds horrible, but I am glad he is at least trying to move some on his own!