Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quick Recap

I survived my first week of Operation Picture Ready! Here's how it went down:

Exercise: I exercised FIVE days last week! Monday = zumba, Tuesday/Thursday/Friday = circuit training, and Saturday = walking at the park. There were a few times I thought I might die from over-exertion, but I did it! I was so proud of the things I could do that I thought I would never be able to (i.e., running faster than I ever have on a treadmill!). This week is off to a slower start with my exercise due to sick children (which means no gym childcare) and an out-of-town husband for a couple days, but things are getting ready to pick up again and my goal is to get to the gym 4 days this week. 

Food: this went pretty well too! I had some stressful moments that made me want to run to the solace of comfort food, but through contact with my amazing besties I powered on. I was so proud of myself in this area last week too. This week has been...harder. I've snacked more than I should have, and I also had some gluten (blueberry donut) which I suffered the consequences of immediately. But, it's all in the very next choice I make. Not starting back tomorrow, but the very instant I eat something else. I'm hopeful that this week will redeem itself. 

I lost a little over 3 pounds the first week too. Three out of about 90 I need to lose, but still! 

So there's the update. Week two is in full force, so I'll report back soon as things progress!

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