Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time to Wrap it Up

I know I'm not winning any blogging awards since I only post about once a month, but thanks to those of you still hanging around! Things have gotten busier than ever with Eden starting school and all of us back in a regular routine, but I'll still do my best to get some regular posts up. 

Thought I'd do a quick post about how we wrapped up the rest of summer. It's been great, with lots of fun and memories. 

$1 summer movies! Harry's first theater experience. 

Sending our favorite babysitter, Holley, off to college. 

 Time outside when it wasn't too hot.

Tea parties with Daddy:

Eden telling Harry what to do (this is actually a year-round thing) ;)

Lots of time loving on our pups

 I got to take a cooking class with Mom - we learned to make Spanish Paella and it was delicious!

 I love when they play so well together!

$0.50 pancakes at IHOP!

Riding bikes with Pop and G&G's:

Lots of (pretend) baking:

And a little real cooking (Caranci sauce with Dad):

Eden styling her own hair:

And cuddle time with my babies. <3

Next post is all about our tiny dancer! Some pics and videos from her summer class, as well as some updates on her first year in school. :) 

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