Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunset Beach 2012

I committed the ultimate crime for mommies/bloggers: I went on vacation without my camera. :( I know, hold the gasps. Thankfully, my Dad is the "pop-arazzi" and I stole all the pics he had! So here you go with a Sunset Beach collage, courtesy of Pop:

Before we left for the beach, my parents stopped by our place for a day or two. Dad babysat the kiddos while Mom, Sarabeth, and I went on a few errands. He somehow managed to get all the grandkids (minus our newest, sweet Charlotte) in one shot:

I think Harry totally enjoyed time with Dad - he was quite attached to him!

Mom and Dad also brought along a little gift for the kiddos - a battery-operated jeep! Eden is a little unsure about the jerky movement when she first hits the gas, but I have no doubt this will be a favorite toy. 

We were able to go out to dinner the night before we left to celebrate Sarabeth's birthday - we ate at J.Pepper's in Kville - for all of you locals, I HIGHLY recommend it! Pop and Harry were hanging out on the patio before our food came:

Finally, we were off to the beach. It was filled with lots of fun and good times with the fam. My brother's wife, Caty, talked her parents into joining us this year and they were a happy addition. Here is Caty's mom (Cindy) with my Mom and Grammy, walking on the beach:

Sunday morning church service on the beach (Mom, Cindy, Caty, Pete):

Throwing the football (Dad and Pete):

One of many walks on the beach (Kellan and Mom):

Eden LOVED the water - I was so proud of her courage! She jumped the waves like a pro and had a great time in the water and sand:

Harry did great too, although I think the sand may have been his favorite:

We also had a lot of wonderful food, and ate out at Ella's Seafood one night. Jason and Harry waiting on our food:

Unfortunately, Jason and I had to miss the trip to Joe's Crab Shack, but I heard my Dad narrowly escaped a shark attack:

Eden with her Aunt Sarabeth waiting for dinner one night:

Some of the boys after visiting the shooting range (Grumps, Peter, Dad, and Caty's dad, Mike):

There was hang out time too, just relaxing at the beach houses:

The girls went shopping and the boys went shooting:

And of course, Dad got a little goofy when we went out for ice cream:

We had a wonderful time, as always! We were proud of the kids since they were out of their routines and still managed to behave pretty well. The time with family is so special and we are blessed to have been able to go. Can't wait for next year! :) 


  1. Anna-
    Looks like you still got some great shots for forgetting your camera (and it probably forced you to be more descriptive in your writing, too).
    This is a great post...I'd love to feature it on Dwellable.
    Shoot me an email if you're open to it: jane (at) dwellable (dot) com
    Hope to hear from you,

  2. Awesome pics! Eden is looking so grown up!