Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everything and Nothing Special

This post is about everything special to me - our everyday life! It isn't anything fancy, just our normal day-to-day. Here goes!

I tried several new recipes this week, including Crockpot Italian Chicken and Honey Sesame Chicken. Both were good, but the honey chicken was the best. We both really liked it and have actually been eating the leftovers (which hardly ever happens!). Here it is half-eaten, haha:  

(in the crockpot) 

(we ate it over rice, which I made in my Pampered Chef rice cooker, one of the few PC items I actually like and use).

I have been trying to vary what we eat a bit, since I seem to always cook the same things (tacos, chili, meatloaf, chicken, etc.). It is fun to do new stuff but it is amazing to me how many calories are in these new recipes! Most of them I find on pinterest and it seems taste is more important than nutrition on the ones I pin. I have been able to alter most of the recipes though and make them a little less calorie-dense. 

I have a few more things I am planning to try soon, including Baked Bananas, Cauliflower Tater Tots, and Chicken Caesar Sandwiches.

Speaking of cooking, Jason decided he was in the mood for pancakes one night this week so he made some for himself and Eden. I thought they looked so cute sharing pancakes together (as an after dinner/before bedtime snack):    

Next up is a little Harry collage (been having a lot of those recently). Here he is trying to climb into my lap while I'm working on the computer:

I went to wake him up from a nap one morning and was able to snap a picture of his favorite sleeping position:

And here's a few of him standing all by himself! He is SO close to walking...any day now!

Last, I think we have finally settled on an arrangement for Eden's room. We have left a space in the middle of the wall for the tree painting we talked about in this previous post. Here is a shot of when you first walk in the room (we got the canopy hung back up again...not sure if I like it, but it is staying for now):

To the right when you walk in:

The center, where the tree will go:

We have also been into a ton of other little (nothing special) things like painting trim and doors, re-painting and re-hanging the banister in the stairwell, re-hemming shower curtains (and ironing ours finally!), jimmy-rigging weights for the music room curtains to keep them from moving so much, and spackling holes in the bathrooms left from new light fixtures. They definitely add up to finish some things. 

The list to finish by next Friday is:
1. Spackle holes in kitchen ceiling (from fan installation)
2. Paint spackled holes in bathrooms
3. Paint outdoor shutters

Not sure if that last one will get done but I am very happy with how much is done on the list that was deadlined by our beach trip next week. Once we get back, I will have a post on our list to finish by Christmas! May seem a little early to be talking holidays but it's only 201 days! :D

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