Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Little Man

Last Sunday Harry and I spent some quality time together. Our church nursery has a rule that any child with a temperature within 24 hours of services cannot be in the nursery. Although I think we are some of the few parents who actually abide by that rule, we do want to be considerate of others' children and try to keep germ-passing to a minimum. Harry had a little cold this week, so we decided he could hang with me while Jason and Eden went to church. 

He is happiest when outdoors, so Jas dropped us at Grammy's house to play while they were at church. We had an impromptu photo shoot! He is impossible to catch in a picture, so these are the best that we got!

 One of the few words he says - "bird." 

Doing a little posing:

My laughing, happy boy!

It's obvious, we are all quite smitten with him!

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