Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunset Beach 2013

Last week was our annual trip to Sunset Beach with the Kilbreth side of the family. It is always a blast! This year stood out because of all the kids running around now - there are 5 grandkids, aged 13, 3, 2, 1, and 4 months. Yes, we were busy. 

My parents, Kellan, Jason, me and the kids started the drive on Friday morning. The kids were set for the four hour drive:

Thankful for DVD players!

When we got there, we unpacked and then headed for dinner near the docks in Calabash. 

The rest of the family didn't come in until Saturday, so we enjoyed some time on our porch before they got there. 

But once everyone showed up, the real party started. Seeing all of the cousins together was so sweet! This is Eden and Charlotte:

The newest addition, Lily:

Lily and Pete:

We had two full houses of babies!

On Sunday, we headed out to the beach. Kellan found a bottle washing up on the beach and Eden wanted to check it out. 

Turns out there was a treasure map inside!

Do you see the "x" marking the spot?

Dig, dig, dig!

A treasure box!

All sorts of booty was left by the pirates for these kiddos to enjoy!

 On Monday night, most of us girls decided we needed a night out to eat, and we were lucky enough to have Kellan join us:

Eden enjoyed hanging out with the adults: 

Kellan walked out to the causeway with Eden and me after dinner:

My little model:

I was only able to go down to the beach one day, so this is the view I had the other mornings when everyone walked down for fun in the sun:

Thankfully, everyone else snagged lots of pics for me to see!

My mom and I also took our kiddos to play indoors at a playplace - I thought it was cool because it was all music-themed!

Love this pic of all my siblings out to lunch (without me!):

We also managed to snag a few pictures of all of the grandkids together in their new beach shades, courtesy of Pop and Bossi:

As always, we had a great time with everyone. There were games, ice cream, cranky babies, a breakfast out to eat, movies, hanging out, a father's day celebration, grilling out, and so much more that we enjoyed. We are so thankful to have had the time to spend together!

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  1. So glad you could use my pics. ;-) I may be stealing some of these, too.