Monday, September 9, 2013

Sniff sniff...

How is it that my baby is old enough to be in her first dance class? I tell ya, these milestones are great and exciting but the mama in me cries every time! 

Eden had her very first ballet, tap and gymnastics class this last Thursday. Here she is all ready to go (and being sweet to her brother!):

Unfortunately, I hardly got any pics of her class. Parents aren't allowed on the floor at any time, and I had to snap what I could from way up in bleachers far away from where they were. So these are fuzzy and horrible! But you get the idea. :) 

Waiting with her class to get started (seriously, 10-12 teeny dancers in pink and white tights and leotards made for some cuteness overload!). Her teacher, Miss Kari, is the one in black to the left:

I was very impressed with the teacher and her helpers! 

Marching to their first stop, the balance beam and foam pit (Eden's second in line):

Waiting for a turn to jump in the foam!

None of my pics from her tap and ballet parts came out, but it was PRECIOUS! They clicked across the room in their tap shoes and pirouetted across in their ballet slippers. It was a sweet thing to see. So proud of our little dancer!

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