Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting In the Fall Spirit

I love love love the fall! It is one of coziest seasons - the cool weather, warm colors, falling leaves, hot coffee and cider, sweaters and scarves, football, hearty soups - I love it all! Although we are still having some warm temps during the day, it is definitely starting to look a little more like autumn here in NC. To get in the spirit, we did a little decorating. Since the budget is tight, I tried to use as much as I could from what was already around the house. This is what we came up with: 

For the mantel, I only had to purchase the vinyl letters for the glasses ($3 at Walmart), and the 99 cent pumpkin and gourd. 

You can see that Clive gets to come out of his normal perch in our bathroom and stay front and center for the season atop some books I thought had fall-ish colored covers:

This little guy is a free-handed bird hanging out on a burlap-wrapped canvas:

I really really wanted to draw a duck instead, as a shout out to my uncles who used to go hunting every year on Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving with family in Illinois are the epitome of what fall feels like to me - in a nice, cozy home with my family, eating comfort food and playing tag football in the yard. The duck would have been very symbolic, but my attempt at drawing it was even worse than poor little birdie here. 

A few of those pumpkins/gourds for the kitchen table, in a favorite leaf-covered bowl from HomeGoods a few years ago:

A new owl friend! This gray cutie (who kinda looks like a cat in this pic) gets to hang out on the window sill in the kitchen. Harry has named him "hoohoo." :)

The wreath on the garage door got a little makeover, thanks to $1 worth of leaves added to it (ignore the fact that it's lopsided, the leaves keep falling out):

 And a little candle in a pottery dish with dried avocado seeds adds a little ambiance to the coffee bar:

What does fall look like in your home?

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