Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Caranci Kids Lately

Yes, I know I haven't posted in ages! I'm sorry about that, things are just getting ahead of me. So here's a nice long post of random shots of the kids and their recent happenings. 

They helped me make tuna casserole for Jason one night:

A little early morning domino game with Daddy:

To infinity and beyond! 

 Being sweet:

Their idea of a "silly" picture:

Eden's alone picture (with a photo bomber):

Harry's alone picture:

When I heard giggling from my room, I went to discover them like this in our closet:

Posing - I love how she is being all dramatic and he is looking at her like she has lost it:

Playing with babies:

I told them to hold their babies really sweetly and gently (I'm not sure Harry's is going to make it):

I went to put clothes in Harry's room and saw they had put their stuffed animals to bed:

These kids crack me up, everyday! 

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