Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Caranci Christmas, Part 4

We are so blessed - we have so much family to celebrate the holidays with that it takes 4 posts! This is the last in my series (since I didn't take my camera to the shindig with my parents, what was I thinking?), and is mostly just the four of us. 

A few nights before Christmas, Jason's best friend Ken came over to watch their traditional Christmas Vacation movie. This year they had matching t-shirts and a moose-shaped mug that I'm still not clear on, but it has some relation to the movie. :) I love this shot of them:

My one request for Christmas this year was to have a fire. We haven't used our fireplace since moving in almost 3 years ago, and I've been dying to! So Jason got everything together to make it happen:

We decided to let the pups go first in opening their stockings (yes, I am one of those people), and they seemed happy with new balls, toys, and teeth-cleaning treats.

Next up, the kiddos. Sorry most of the pics are of Eden, Harry is way too hard to catch being still these days!

Daddy opening his annual gift of Trailblazer tickets:

Our happy family:

So finally, Merry Christmas from the Caranci's! 

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