Monday, May 12, 2014

Harry Boy Turns Three!

Me with the birthday boy!

I can't believe our little man is already three years old! We had a grand time on his birthday, visiting the Children's Museum, ToysRUs, and having his fave foods at a home party. Here are pics from his day!

Disclaimer: the picture quality is horrible. They are very grainy and blurry, and overall hard to see. So the plan we're working with on this post is quantity (40 pics plus!) over quality. I've sold my camera and am currently just using my phone, which is better. Hoping to find a new digital eventually! You'll see some phone pics scattered in, it will be an obvious difference in quality. 

We started off the day at the Children's Museum, courtesy of Poppie. This was our first visit and it was AMAZING! Definitely going to be a place we go back to. 

Most of the museum was inside, but there was a little area outside with this really cool climbing exhibit - it was basically a huge net, kinda like a bee hive. The kids could swing on it, climb through to the top, or just explore the crannies of the net. 

(this one was taken with my phone, you see the quality difference!)

Harry loved this log tunnel!

Eden put on a puppet show for us (that's her, the pig puppet - poor little thing has short arms like her momma!). 

Checking the mail:

Eden's in backwards, but this was a turtle shell that the kids could poke their heads out of to see what it would be like to have a huge shell to carry around like turtles!

Eden loved the veterinary station! 

After watering her animals, she checked their x-rays too:

One of the kids' favorite exhibits was the grocery store - they loved picking out food for their baskets and ringing it up at the register. Harry literally hummed the entire time he "shopped!"

After our adventures at the museum, we headed to ToysRUs. Harry had received a card from the store encouraging him to come in for his birthday for all sorts of surprises, including a $3 gift card (which he used for a Lightning McQueen toy, of course). We got there and signed in and he received a birthday crown, balloon, and his birthday announced to the whole store. He and Eden also got to check out some cool big toys:

Then it was home for the party!

We had everything decorated with tons of balloons everywhere plus his favorite character, Lightning McQueen. 

We had some of his favorite food, including Little Caesar's breadsticks and fudge stripe cookies for dessert. He doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but since he enjoys those cookies we just stacked a few up and put a candle down the hole for his birthday cake! 

The extended family had sent him gifts and he was more than happy to break into them (with Eden's help, of course). 

I'd say this boy enjoyed his special day! He is such a treasure to us. His abundant love inspires me to show the people I love just how much I do. He is so tender hearted, always ready with a hug or kiss. He has a thrill for life, enjoying every moment to the fullest. His laugh and smile are contagious. I can't wait to see what the Lord has for his life!

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