Monday, July 21, 2014

The 4th of July

Well we all know that July 4th was over two weeks ago, but I'm just trying to maintain my reputation of a constantly-behind-blogger! Here's some pics from our time with the fam:

My brother Joe and his wife Sarah came up from GA to hang with us over the holiday. They have two sweet little girls that we were able to enjoy, too! Here's Millie, wondering what in the world I'm doing:

Eden and Charlotte are big buds! They remind me so much of me with my cousin Meredith. We were inseparable as kids and I'm excited that Eden has Charlotte and that sweet relationship. 

Uncle Joe supervising the biggest girl cousin holding the smallest: 

One of the things our family has done for many years (since I was a kid!) has been watching the Kernersville parade. It is a typical country parade, including police cars and fire trucks, lawn mowers (no joke) and bicycles, local music groups and political leaders. There's usually candy too. :) 

I really enjoyed watching our kids take it all in, their excitement was adorable!

The girl you see sitting beside them was so sweet - she shared her blanket and gave Eden and Harry all of the candy! She made sure they stayed on the curb too, telling them not to get too close to the road. 

That afternoon we went over to Pop and Bossi's house for swimming and a cookout. We combined 4th of July celebration with celebrating Sarah's birthday (July 9th), so it was a great party all around. I succeeded in taking exactly zero pictures during that part, so here are a few courtesy of my SIL. :) 

The birthday girl! Graciously sharing her birthday with all the other festivities. 

(my FAVE)

There's always a ton of us at these gatherings! And I'm taking a picture in this photo, I haven't been overtaken by a ghost in front of my face. :) 

It would seem everyone else was being responsible, taking pictures!

 After dinner, we decided to take the kiddos outside for some sparklers and fireworks provided by Auntie Sarabeth and Kellan! Again, photo credit to Sarah for these:

(poppers for the kiddos)

Eden wasn't too sure about the sparklers:

But Charlotte loved the fireworks!

The girls having a good time:

 After all the festivities came a momentous occasion: Charlotte and Eden's very first sleepover! I'm not kidding, I had to keep myself in check all weekend from bursting into tears over the absolute preciousness. 

The sleeping part was fine, they both did great (although Eden kept trying to talk to Charlotte to make sure she was ok and had what she needed). The next morning/day was fun too, with all sorts of playing going on. 

Matching cupcake shirts!

Some serious coloring:

Snack and movie time!

Computer time:

Harry made a picnic for Charlotte in Eden's room:

And this one is the best shot of the weekend!

We are so blessed to have so much of our family nearby! I can't think of a better way to celebrate our amazing freedoms in this country, than spending it together. It was a fun time with lots of memories made. 

Hang tight for that kitchen counter makeover, I promise it's coming this week! :) 

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