Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What We've Been Up To

Just another bi-weekly recap of our summer!

We had a house guest for a little while - Sara and Kellan were away on a prestigious eagle scout camping trip, so we got the pleasure of their sweet lab's company. This is Sadie, stealing my chair:

Eden had her very first sleepover at Pop and Bossi's house!

(Harry wanted his picture taken too, although he skipped this sleepover):

When my parents moved here, they had a pool in their new backyard. It took some hard work to get it up and running, but we weren't afraid of the green water! (it has since been crystal clear)

 I got a new 'do:

...that turned a little too blonde for me!

So my wonderful hairdresser fixed it for me, phew!

And then Eden tried her hand at styling it for me:

We set up a painter's tape road in Harry's room for his trucks to ride on:

We met up with Jason for a picnic lunch:

Had fun playing games with Ethan:

Lounged in Eden's room, having snacks and watching TV:

And have had lots of good cuddling and snoozing!

Stay tuned this week for results of my latest house DIY project: painted countertops!

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