Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Here is a post of a bunch of random things, videos and pics included!

Eden was trying on some shoes and decided to go running around in them - Harry thought it was funny:

I love hearing these little giggles:

We moved Eden's kitchen into her closet and they love it - I'm convinced at least one of them will be a master chef!

(don't miss what they are feeding the baby for lunch, a donut with pizza and chicken)

We have enjoyed observing a couple of bird families that have nested on top of the columns on our house. On the right side is a dove family (we haven't seen the baby yet, must not be hatched; the mama has been sitting for a couple of weeks though!):

On the left side (out of Eden's window) is another kind of bird but I'm not sure what. It is very small and has four babies in there! They have just started perching on the side of the nest and boy do they get loud when mama comes up to feed them:

Last, I couldn't help but include this picture of Morgan. Eden was chasing her around with a pretend pepper grinder that makes noise, and to get away Morgan jumped on our bed to hide. She isn't allowed on the bed, so I can only imagine how desperate she must have been!

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