Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Little Girl is Growing Up!

Eden has still been in a crib and we had decided to keep her in it until she wouldn't fit, haha. No need to give her the freedom to escape! We had planned to transition her straight to a regular twin size bed eventually, but we changed our minds when we heard from my friend Michelle that they were looking to get rid of a toddler bed. Her daughter, Emma, is a few months older than Eden and had not had a ton of success using the toddler bed. We decided to try it. First, we had to take apart the crib. Eden LOVES helping with stuff like this, working with her hands:

Next up, put together the new bed:

This is the extent of Harry's help:

He was way too distracted with Mickey Mouse:

Then the little princess got to try it out:

I have been so proud of Eden! We have had ZERO, and I mean ZERO trouble with the transition. She still doesn't get out of bed until we come to get her and she is so proud of herself for being a big girl. I'm sure she will eventually start getting up on her own but for now she is happy to hang out in there until we come in for her, just like she did in her crib. She seemed a little nervous at first, unsure of the new bed. She had a few tears at the first naptime but nothing major, just enough to let us know she wasn't quite sure about it. Within 24 hours she couldn't wait to get into bed every night. 

It is so interesting to see the kids' little personalities. Harry can't wait to be with us in the morning so he isn't generally happy for very long in his crib. Eden seems content to be by herself, singing or talking with her animals. She is also very mature, I think - almost like a little adult. She is the one making sure everything is just so, and Harry is the one being a crazy man and into everything. I love to watch them interact, especially when Eden tries to tell Harry what to do. She is definitely a little mother! Quite bossy, actually. :) 

The time is passing so quickly, but I love every minute with these kids. This weekend I am heading to the beach for a few days with some of my girlfriends and I am really looking forward to it...but I am gonna miss Jason and the kids like crazy! 


  1. aw she looks so cute in the bed!! and the bedding matches her walls pretty good! :O) have a great time this weekend - i'm still bummed i can't go along. but i'm for sure in for next time - whenever that may be!!

    1. Yes, I think it matches well! I love how it turned out. I didn't realize how huge her crib was though, her room looks kinda empty now! Gotta figure out something to go on that super long wall...

      I am super bummed you can't go this weekend too. :( But we will definitely go again!