Friday, May 25, 2012

A Whole Lot to Talk About...

Wow, so a whole lot has happened since my last post. Hold on to your horses, here's a quick roundup of what the Caranci's have been up to!

Jason and I got tickets to go see the Winston Salem Symphony perform Carmina Burana, one of my favorite music sets. It was amazing! We don't get to do this kind of thing very often, but it was wonderful to be in touch with the music world again. Here we are in the car getting ready to head in to the concert:

Next up, I was able to take a few days and go to the beach with two of my girlfriends, Jennie and Deanna:

We had a wonderful time! It was nice and relaxed. We just did whatever we felt like doing at the time, which included movies, shopping, eating, etc. Here we are getting in the Christmas spirit at Callahan's:

A picture of me in a cowboy hat (thought my Dad would appreciate it): 

We also took an afternoon to rent bikes and ride on the beach for a few hours. It was wonderful, albeit tiring!

Believe it or not, this is a metal box we found washed up on shore. The barnacles are so built up it is hard to tell what it originally looked like, but we couldn't get it open or move it at all. I like to think pirates left it for us, or at least Johnny Depp. :) 

It was a great little trip and it was so nice to just chill. I had a wonderful time with these two girls, getting to know them better. :) 

After my trip, it was back home to my sweet little family. I missed them! But of course I couldn't rest long, it was back to my project list for the house. I was able to spray paint (of course, my favorite thing) the hinges for the kitchen cabinets. They used to be this bronze-y gold color:

And now they are a nice satin nickel, to match the hardware we bought. I'm hoping to get those installed sometime this week and I will have pictures of the finished project. I am thinking of painting the cabinets white...Jason says I won't like it because it will look country, but I think with the new sleek hardware it might not have too much of a country vibe (I do not like country-looking all). Any thoughts? 

Another random tidbit is that we are loving the fresh produce that is in season! Fresh peaches and strawberries are the best!

Another exciting tidbit is that our hydrangea is definitely alive! Take a look at these beautiful pink blooms:

I was so excited to come home from my beach trip to find them. SO glad Morgan was unable to kill our new bush!

Lastly, I thought I would include a bunch of random shots of the kids. They are growing so quickly and learning so much. Eden's vocabulary is becoming quite extensive and I love seeing her put new words into sentences and be able to communicate better and better. Harry is growing like a weed too and will be walking before we know it. He has added a few words too, including juice, bye-bye, and mama pretty regularly. :) 

In this one, I thought Eden looked so cute in her little white shorts and pink shirt, all ready for the beach! With her breakfast in hand of course, a waffle. 

Harry doing what he does best, eat:

A morning at the park:

(I love his little pucker here, so cute!) 

(Eden has always had super strong legs - it looks like she is doing a Russian dance here, haha) 

I also wanted to ask for opinions: now that Eden has moved to a toddler bed there is a huge open wall in her room (from the lack of the princess canopy). I would really like to do a hand-painted tree mural, something like this, this or this. Any thoughts? Should it be centered on the wall or on one side? I like to be able to move the furniture around too, so I don't want something that is too limiting. Should I fore-go the tree thing altogether and go for some other kind of art? Other things I considered were this or this. I am open to any suggestions!


  1. My vote is for the second tree or the giant picture. :-)

  2. I REALLY like the cherry blossom tree (the second option), but I think it might be a little difficult to recreate. Plus, I think you might like the third, more simple option better. ;-) I love that giant picture too, but where would you put it? If I were you, I would put her changing table on one end of that big wall, maybe hang something over it (the giant picture maybe) and put her bed on the other end, caddy-cornered. AND if you caddy corner the bed, you could put the princess canopy over it and it's not in the way of anything else. =) Hope that helps!