Friday, January 18, 2013

A Huge, Random Photo Dump

Prepare yourself - there's gonna be a whole lot of pics in this post, and in no particular order! This is just a random catch-all post to let you see what goes on in our everyday life. Enjoy!

First up is a video of the kiddos playing with their new basketball hoop from Uncle Pete and Auntie Caty. They love it! Don't turn your volume up too much, I'm a little bit loud with the slam dunk encouragement. :) 

These kids love to clean - Eden especially! Anytime I get out the duster she wants to be in on it. 

We had a few really nice, warm days last week so we took a little walk up the road to ride bikes. 

On the days when it isn't so warm, they are just as happy riding in the garage. Eden is a blur, she is going so fast!

My parents brought the kids a battery-operated jeep last year and although Eden is still a bit skittish around it, Harry jumps in it every time we go into the garage. I know it won't be long before he gets the hang of it and is zipping all over the place. 

A lot of the rest of these pictures are of Harry, because he is just so...interesting! He does the funniest things and I can tell he is going to have a quirky sense of humor. One of his favorite things is to climb into everything. 

Eden's favorite thing right now is her babies. Here she is working hard playing mommy, making them lunch. 

Sometimes we have a picnic downstairs for lunch.

I'm not sure what happened with my camera here, but I thought this was really cool of Harry!

Where's waldo?

Another favorite toy from Christmas - BLOCKS!

Yesterday Jason had the day off and we got an unexpected surprise of snow last night! It was beautiful. 

Since Jason had the day off, we went out to breakfast and then headed over to Poppie's house for a visit. The kids were ecstatic when he brought out his guitar to play for them. 

I cannot say it enough - this life we have may seem boring to some, but it is the ideal for me. I love these kids and seeing them grow, spending every day with them! 

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  1. Did you rearrange the furniture downstairs?! It looks nice and cozy! :)