Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random House Updates

I have been wanting to make some kind of memento of our first house as art for our current house. The last house we lived in holds many memories for me, since I lived there for 14 years. It was originally my great-grandparents' house, then my parents moved in with all of us kids, and then Jason and I moved in after we got married. My sister now lives there, so it is still in the family. I ultimately decided to frame the house key for some 3D art. I started with a gold-framed mirror that I got at a yard sale for about $1. I primed it first with spray primer, and then added a coat or two of the turquoise spray paint I used for our Beethoven bust

The finished product:

Underneath it reads "Our First Home, Sedge Garden Road." I love having a little something to remind us of our first home together and the special memories it holds!

Our new 3D art is currently hanging out on the ever-changing mantel, but who knows where it might find itself as time goes by. 

Another little thing on my to-do list was a dry erase calendar for our fridge. I have actually had it done for a while now:

It has been ever-so-helpful to have our whole month lined up to keep easy track of appointments and such. When I first put it up, I went to Wally world and bought regular dry erase markers and didn't think much about it. At least not until I had two different people ask me what a particular entry on the calendar said - they couldn't read it because it just wasn't writing that clearly. 

Enter these beauties:

That's right, some genius invented fine point dry erase markers with magnets! I just LOVE when I find exactly what I envision in my mind. Now things are looking much more crystal clear:

While we are talking about kitchen upgrades, I also made a roman shade to go over the kitchen sink. Nothing fancy, just a little something to add some color. 

I used leftover fabric from what I framed in the dining room next to our silhouettes. 

If you notice I also re-cut my silhouette out for the millionth 5th or 6th time, after still getting grief about how mine looked weird. Hopefully this one is acceptable, otherwise I will just let it be an ode to my weirdness. 

The last little update I did was to replant one of our new plants. He got the home of my most recent victim, who died prematurely after lack of sun and water. 

Here's hoping he can survive! :) 


  1. I love your updated silhouette. And I'm jealous of your bust. And I think the key idea is perfection.

  2. LOVE the shade!!! I'm proud that you did it! Now you're gonna have to tell me how to do one for my new kitchen! :) I also thought your last silhouette looked just fine...but this one looks good too!