Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arkansas Adventure Part 2

Instead of trying to organize the massive amount of photos from all of the park visits we made, I'm just going to have one big photo dump! Both of the kiddos love being outside, so the playground and dog park were two favorite spots during our AR visit. 

The dog park there in Ft. Smith is HUGE. I'm not sure how many acres it is, but there is so much space you can hardly even see the fence around the edges. Dixie and Shelby love to go and run and it was a great space for the kiddos to run too, not to mention for us adults to get a nice leisurely stroll!

Eden and Bossi

Harry and Pop

There was a big tree trunk that the kids had fun climbing through. 


This is the only decent shot I got of the dogs, they were moving so fast!

One of the days we were there, we were able to meet up with Melissa and her daughter, Jorja. Melissa has been one of my accountability partners with my health goals (she's on my FB accountability group, along with my SIL and her best friend, Sarah). It was SO cool to meet her in real life, and I felt very modern, meeting up with someone I met online (even if it was through a mutual friend/family member). :) 

The kids had a great time together and Melissa and I got to take a walk and actually hear each other's real voices instead of imagining them through FB posts. :) 

Another day at the dog park...

(one of my fave pics!)

We tried to get shots with the kids and me together, and this is the best we got. :) 

(another favorite - look at that smile!)

Harry collected rocks and sticks every time we went to the park. 

These are the best of times! :) 

Stay tuned for part 3 and the final installment of our Arkansas Adventure!

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