Monday, April 8, 2013

Charlotte Ann's 1st Birthday

I'm sure that all 5 of my blog readers already know this, but my brother (Joe) and his wife and daughter (Sarah and Charlotte) just moved back to GA from Hawaii. To say we are excited to have them close by again is an understatement! It means that we can potentially get together for all of the things throughout the year associated with family, like birthdays! It just so happened that their little bean turned 1 year old on March 28th and we were able to celebrate with them. And just in case it has been forgotten, that little bean was named after me! :)

They all got here on Friday evening and settled in for a weekend with the fam. This included Charlotte's birthday and Easter celebrations. This is gonna be a lot more picture-heavy than actual blogging, but I figured seeing pics of a beautiful princess in a rainbow-colored tutu nomming on some pizza and cupcake would be self-explanatory. :) 

Sarah made the amazing cupcakes! I neglected to get a shot of the cake part, but they were multi-colored rainbow cupcakes and were delish!

Her first slice of pizza! Already following after her namesake. Well okay, so her dad likes pizza too. :) 


Do you see the difference? :) 

I have never seen a kid go after a cupcake like Charlotte did - it was love at first bite!

Let me preface the gift opening shots with the fact that it was nearly impossible to get Eden to step back from the birthday girl! 

Finally got Kellan in a shot. :) 

And we eventually gave Eden her own new toy (a microphone, what were we thinking?!) so she would leave poor little Charlotte alone! 

After opening presents we had a little photo shoot. 


The weekend was incredibly fun and we are SO thankful to have them close by again! It warms my heart to think these cousins will grow up knowing and playing with each other. We only have a few stragglers left in AR... :) 


  1. Love it! ;-) You got some great shots!!! Can you send me the one of all 3 of us (standing up), please???? The one I have doesn't have Charlotte's sweet smile in it!

  2. Haha-- love the Anna/Sara switcheroo. Sneaky... ;)