Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July (almost two weeks later!) and Outdoor Update

 This year for fourth of July, our celebrating was a bit boring. Joe and Sarah's plans of coming up got cancelled, our family dinner was put off until Saturday, and Jason was off work but playing golf. So basically it was just any other day for me and the kids! Not to worry though, we did some fun things to celebrate our freedoms in this country until we could celebrate with the fam a few days late. 

First up, painting (or washable markering) faces! Eden wanted a star and a flag, and Harry got two stars:

Both of the kids love to do arts and crafts, so we made these handprint flags (a pinterest idea):

I also did quite a bit of baking, including friendship bread, apple crisp and gluten free peach cobbler:

(looks burned, but it's not!)

We had a great family dinner on Saturday evening, including some of our cousins from South Carolina which was great! Of course I forgot to snap any pics, but we rode the golf cart, blew some bubbles, had the classic meal of hotdogs and burgers, and had a great time chatting with everyone. 

Just as a little side note, I thought I would snap some pics of the front of our house currently. It looks somewhat patriotic so I thought it could fit in this post!

The only changes since the last pics are the chairs and one light fixture - yes, one. We have both of them, but it turns out they are a little harder to install than we originally thought. We had to cut through some of the siding to get the base to fit, and we still need to caulk around it to make sure nothing gets in there. And because it was so tedious, we haven't gotten around to the other one. Now it just looks kinda lopsided with two kinds of lights, haha! It will be remedied soon, but for now here's the front of the house:

(there used to be yellow flowers in the vase on the door, but they got removed for a project, pics and post to come soon)

(my daisies died out, so I pulled this planted pot out from inside; it looks pretty sad)

Stay tuned this week for more posts, including a recipe review (been a while since one of those!), craft project, and random photos of the kids!

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