Monday, May 6, 2013

Springtime in NC

It is officially spring here in NC! The weather has been beautiful and not as warm as it normally is this time of year. It's actually been raining quite a bit, and it seems we are having April showers in May. 

This time of year always makes me want to work on the outside of our home. Here is a pic of the house when we first bought it:

And here it is, currently:

Still not great, but definitely better! We had it power-washed, spray painted the shutters black, painted the door red, added a flag and just this last week added some greenery and flowers. 

I bought some chairs for the porch when I was in AR with my parents, but we won't be able to get them til they come up in June. That should help fill it out a bit. We would also love to put in some kind of landscaping along the walkway, but neither of us are very visionary when it comes to outdoor stuff nor do we have the money to invest at the moment.

I am happy to report that our little maple tree that we put out last spring is still alive and kicking! 

We also have some azalea bushes that are in full bloom on the path up to the front of the house. 

So there's the update on the exterior - we should actually have a few more to show soon, because we have light fixtures to install on the front! Pics to come. 

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