Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Prima Ballerina

Along with starting preschool this year, Eden is starting a dance class. She has always loved princesses and ballerinas and "practices" dancing frequently. We decided on a combo class that incorporates ballet, tap and gymnastics. We aren't sure which she'll like the best, but within a semester or year we will let her decide which to focus on. 

I wanted to make it a special thing just for her when we went to buy her leotards and such, so we planned an all girls outing for her, me, my grandmother and my sister. Our first stop was at a local donut shop for her to get her favorite for breakfast, a chocolate donut:

When we got to the dance clothes shop, she went flying over to a display case that had glass ballerina slippers on jewelry and music boxes:

We also got a shot of her with trophies - you know, to prep for the future. :) 

The sales reps were super helpful with finding the right sizes she needed for tap and ballet shoes, and let me help her try them on:

Once those ballet shoes were on, there was no stopping our little dancer!

We also picked up a leotard and some tights:

Our shopping experience was wonderful and we got everything she needed to start her classes in September!

Our last stop was lunch out for Mexican food, since the girl loves her some chips and salsa. 

So proud of our little girl - she is a complete delight, living up to her name!

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