Saturday, March 15, 2014

Recipe Review: Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust

As I've been attempting to eliminate gluten completely from my diet, I've been experimenting with some new ways to make some of my favorite foods. Pizza was on the top of that list! When I saw a recipe for pizza crust made out of spaghetti squash, I was skeptical but interested. I love spaghetti squash but I just couldn't figure out how it was going to make a good crust for pizza. Turns out if you add enough cheese, it makes anything good!

The process was fairly simple, albeit time consuming. The pictures of my crust didn't turn out, but it looks exactly like the pictures on the original blog post (see here).  Here is my final pizza after toppings were added:

I know the edges look a little burnt, but I actually liked it that way! Gave it a little crunch. I thought the taste was actually very good, and the consistency was great for being gluten free. The problem I most run in to while baking/cooking GF is that things get crumbly. This crust didn't have any trouble hanging together and was very moist and I think it would have been even crispier if I followed her instructions for using parchment paper (unfortunately, I have a hate relationship with parchment paper so I never use it). All in all this was a great substitute for pizza (although Dominos makes the best GF pizza that is takeout) and I'll be making it again!

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