Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time with the Fam

My brother, Joe, his wife and kiddos drove up last weekend for a little visit. We were so excited to see them! Especially since we had never met our newest little cousin/niece, Amelia:

Eden was in heaven! She loves babies, and was tickled to meet her cousin for the first time. We also had a little birthday party for Charlotte's 2nd birthday. Here are the kids, getting in the spirit!

Grammy made the cake:

The birthday girl! She looks a bit pitiful, but that's because she was feeling under the weather most of the time they were here with runny nose, eyes, etc. She also banged her lip pretty bad while playing outside right before this shot, so her little mouth is swollen! Poor girl, not a happy day for her birthday party!

She still seemed to enjoy it though and put on a happy face when she could muster it:

Oh, and lest I forget a very important part: the party was hosted by my parents in their new home! It is so exciting to be able to have them here and part of all that's happening. It was lots of fun to have Joe and Sarah and the girls up for a few days! Already looking forward to their next visit. 

To end, random shots of my sweeties. :)

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