Saturday, March 17, 2012

Total Randomness

I promise to have some posts up about the house next week with finished projects, but for now it is just some fun everyday randomness. :)

First up, I tried a recipe I found on pinterest for Buffalo Chicken. It sounded really good, only had three ingredients, and was a crockpot recipe making it a triple happy recipe for me! It turned out well - looked exactly like the pinterest shot too:

We ate it on toasted ciabatta rolls with chips (fancy, I know).

Next up is a montage of my favorite kiddos, starting with Harry. Here he is waiting for Eden to come running back down the hall (they were playing with a ball):

(SUCH a cutie!!!)

We have had a major breakthrough with Harry this week - as in a TOOTH! You can't really see it from these pictures, but trust me, there is a tooth that finally came through. Here he is wearing his animal t-shirt and matching face:

If you look super close, squint, ignore the glare on his gums and imagine - you can see a little teeny corner of a tooth on the right side of his top gums:

Next up is little miss Edie Rose (Jason doesn't like the name Edie, but I get it out every now and then). When I asked if I could take her picture she wanted to pose by the window:

Then she spontaneously broke into dancing:

And gave herself a round of applause at the end:

Last up is a picture of Harry and Jason sporting their matching super-short haircuts:

That's it for now! I really am anxious to post some finished projects in the house, including the master bedroom and bath but I need a little more time to finesse some stuff. Hopefully by next week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. ok that picture of eden by the window is RIDICULOUSLY adorable!! she looks very 1940's fashion model or something. GORGEOUS! and harry looks just like jason. i never noticed this before but you both have mini me's!!! :O)

    1. Why thank you, we both have quite the models, don't we?? :) And yes, we get that all the time - she is like me and he is like him!

  2. I completely, totally, absolutely LOVE the photo of Harry in his Animal t-shirt!! Of course, I love all the photos you post of my extended family. :) I'm look forward to seeing your newly painted bed and bathrooms!