Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Model in Training (or at the very least, a ham caught in the act)

Prepare yourself for a montage of Eden pics!

To start off, I couldn't resist putting this one in of both kids - sitting in the new chair watching Little Einsteins, Eden drinking her juice and Harry eating his foot. :D

Now to the main event - here we go! As a disclaimer, the point of this shoot was to get a shot of her new outfit, found at Target for a whopping $4.

Giving the toe a nice point:

(she is also holding her favorite toy of the moment, "baby")

Classic "pensive model" look here...quite developed for one so young:

For a little action shot, she decided to do a leprechaun kick (sort of):

This was her reaction to me yelling "freeze!" :

And just so he doesn't feel left out, our sweet little Harry bear. :D


  1. LOL Love it! Eden is so adorable with a touch of Caranci ham. Harry is getting so big!

  2. So pretty and handsome!!! I LOVE it!!