Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2nd Time's a Charm!

So remember when our dining room wall looked like this?

And we hated it so much we had to take it down, and then it looked like this? it looks like this!

And I absolutely love it. I have been quite enamored with all of the silhouette projects on pinterest and I knew I wanted to incorporate our sweet little babies' heads into our home decor somehow. It is a somewhat more formal look than we are used to, so the dining room seemed the best option since it is the most formal space we have. 

They aren't perfect - all of them aren't exactly the same size-wise and Harry's doesn't have as much neck/chest as the others. But I am learning how to let go of my perfectionist streak and simply enjoy what I have been able to accomplish. I mean, seriously - up close, that little mouth of Harry's is so precious, hanging slightly open, and Eden's little demure, dainty sweetness is adorable! I love the personalized touch they add to our home.

And the two side frames looked like this when I got them:

Ew, right? They were $1 each at a yard sale. And if you know me at all, you know I would never keep that goldtastic color! I sprayed them black and framed some beautiful fabric found by my SIL (thanks, Sarah!). I actually had a lot of good ideas from my crafty peeps on facebook. Such a resource, I tell ya! 

I think they balance out the square arrangement of the silhouettes well and also tie into the curtains too, bringing everything together in the room. Ah, I love it when things come together!

So it just goes to show, sometimes you think you know exactly what you want but it just doesn't turn out to be right for the space. Turns out the 2nd time was the charm for this wall! 


  1. LOVE IT!!! You did a great job! :) And I'm glad you liked my fabric choice. Haha