Thursday, November 8, 2012

Total Randomness

Some random pics, in no particular order:

Got to spend my time last weekend with some of my favorite girls!

Tabatha, Shawna, and Deanna

Jennie, me, and Tabatha

We decided to have a picnic in the "man cave" a few days this week for lunch - the kids loved it, and for the first time EVER, Harry ate from a plate and didn't dump all of his food off. :) 

Classic Harry - laying all over Eden:

And classic Eden, playing with Morgan (check out that smile from Morg!):

Sharing a snack:

The kids decided they needed a little piano practice this week:

(don't miss Eden's tutu in the shot above, she was really dressed up for this performance)

We take a walk almost everyday, as long as the weather cooperates, and this was the first time I let Harry out of his stroller. He took off running, so glad to be free! Unfortunately, he took two tumbles, busting his nose the first time and chipping his front tooth the second. 

Eden loves to draw, but she has to wait til Harry is napping so he doesn't snatch her markers:

Yippee-ki-yay I got a new camera this week! On a walk with my neighbor I mentioned that I was on the lookout for a new digital camera. She told me there was one on sale at Kohls, and after checking out the flyers I realized I could get this Vivitar model for $18 with all the coupons I had!

The first picture taken with my new camera: 

My Shmoopy. <3

We broke out the Christmas music this week! Not for Jason, since he insists on waiting until after Thanksgiving, but the kids and I decided it was high time to bring it out. Here is a video of the dancing that ensued with the first CD (Eden hits her mouth on the desk right at the end, so excuse the abrupt cut off):

And now some random tidbits:

1. Harry is FINALLY saying words again! Although he began speaking around a year old, he all of a sudden stopped and had not said anything but mumbo jumbo for a long time. Now he is saying a few things regularly, including yes, yay, I did it, and hi. It is adorable! 

2. Eden is going through a little teenager phase, talking back and not being as obedient as we would like. I know it is just a normal stage, but some days I wonder what happened to my sweet Edie and where she learned to talk so rudely! 

3. My car is on the fritz. Something is wrong with the temperature gauge (or something of that sort) and I can't go for more than two miles without all sorts of beeping and lights going off. It also won't let me go over 40-45 miles per hour at that point so I have to pull over and let the engine cool off. Please pray that this is a fast, inexpensive fix! We have been hanging around at home for the last week or so since we can't go very far. :) 

4. We have lots of fun things coming up, including Thanksgiving, Christmas tree hunting, Eden's birthday party, the Nutcracker, holiday dinners with family, and of course our trip up to New England for Christmas. It will be busy but I can't wait for all of the fun to be had!

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  1. oh harry! so cute! Gotta love the toddler bouncy squat dance. :)