Friday, February 1, 2013

Kid Stuff

This post is dedicated to all of the grandparents - I have a feeling they will enjoy all the pics and videos more than anyone else! We wish you were all here with us and able to be a part of our everyday events. :) 

Eden loves to go in and get Harry after he wakes up and they love to jump in the bed:

I am finally getting into Instagram (now that I have a smart phone!) and I really do love it. Here is one of the first few shots I took:

Eden is all about her dolls, or babies, as she calls them. She loves to play mommy and make their meals and put them down for naps. 

And I found the poor horse this way - I guess he was talking back. :) 

Although the weather has been very sporadic here, we did have one or two really nice days in the 60s. We decided to take advantage of it and go hang out at Grammy's so the kids could play outside. 

Last, here's a little video of the kids riding their bikes - Harry has already outgrown this one he got for Christmas, so don't worry about his poor little bent legs - he will get an upgrade on his birthday in April. :) 

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