Monday, May 20, 2013

Caranci Kids Lately

This is a slightly random post, but to start, here's a few pics of our precious kiddos. :) 

They are loving playing outside now that it's nice weather. They especially love going to Grammy and Grumps' house, since they have a nice big yard to play in!

Watching Daddy mow the lawn:

They both love to get in small places too - here's Eden in a basket at Grammy's house:

As a little side note, this is what I made for Grammy for her birthday:

She loves anything patriotic and I saw this idea in a Lowes Creative Ideas magazine and knew she would love it! It isn't perfect but that's part of the charm. I bought a plastic shutter from the local Re-Store (for only $5!), taped off the stripes and pattern with Frog Tape, and got to spray painting. She liked it! I believe she is planning to put it out at their beach house. 

Lastly, here's a little video of our sweetie singing "Jesus Loves Me." She has become quite the little singer recently, and this is her current fave song. :) 
(turn the volume up, she's being shy)

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