Sunday, May 19, 2013

Charleston, SC

I'm still here!!! Sorry for the long break in between posts, but I lost my camera (in Charleston!) and just recently got it back. 

So about three weeks ago Jason and I were able to go to Charleston, SC to visit some friends who recently moved there, Dustin and Jennie. I've known Dustin since we were high school age, and met his lovely wife about 4 years ago. She and I were fast friends, and our guys got along well too! Something that doesn't happen very often - we both enjoy getting together with the same couple! 

We were sad to see them leave and move, but excited about getting the chance to visit them. We drove down on Saturday morning and had a wonderful time over the next day or so. 

They live very near the beach, so we stopped to take some scenic shots on the way to dinner Saturday night. 

Downtown Charleston was so beautiful!

I love this picture of the guys, so macho!

We ate dinner at a place called Hominy Grill - it was delish!

I love this picture too, Dustin looks like he might mug me for taking his picture, haha. 

Jason ordered a Pine Bark Stew, which doesn't look like much here, but boy, it was amazing!

Dustin was the only one who ate boiled peanuts (yuck!)...

My dinner - shrimp and grits!

After dinner, we went to some docks nearby a movie theater where we were going to catch a movie. 

Jennie is pregnant with their first baby, Jamison. She is absolutely glowing! The picture of a happy mommy. 

I didn't take many pics after our first night, but we had an amazing time with our sweet friends! Just hanging out, eating, seeing a movie, going to church, etc. It was a great time for Jason and me too, getting some time together without the kiddos (they were happily hanging out at home with Holley, their fave babysitter, Poppie and Sarabeth). 

Thank you, Jennie and Dustin for hosting us! We love this sweet couple and were so grateful for the time with them!

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