Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching Up

I know I have been somewhat MIA the last 10 days or so, but things have been a bit stressful around here. Harry has been going through a rough time, I think related to teething. He has been cranky, not sleeping (which means we weren't sleeping either), somewhat aggressive towards Eden and me, and overall difficult. I am happy to say it seems to have passed! Although I definitely think his temperament leans towards being stubborn, I really believe he did not feel good and was just acting out because of it. 

Anywho, that is my excuse for the lack of blogging. But this week will make up for it! I have several posts for this week, and this one starts the catching up. Basically this post is all about the kiddos - what they have been up to and pics I have been able to snap along the way. Enjoy!

Eden and me hanging out:

One of the few things that seemed to soothe Harry was hanging out in Eden's room, in her chair, watching TV (with his pacifier and blanket, of course):

Eden trying to help Harry feel better (she hates for him to be upset!):

The kids love wrestling together. These are some shots I got while they were into it one day. It was absolutely hilarious (please excuse Eden's extremely full diaper!):

Eden has been showing Harry how to climb and get into things, including the laundry basket:

This is their cart from Ikea...they took turns pushing/pulling each other around in it:

Harry likes his own chair pretty well, too:

This week we transitioned Harry into a booster seat instead of a high chair. Here is a shot of both kids eating at the "big" table together for the first time:

We are working with Harry to simply eat his food rather than picking up the entire plate and dumping it over. :) 

The last few days have been great with the kids, and makes the hard days (like last week!) disappear. I am so grateful for praying family and friends! :) 

Be back soon with more updates on our latest adventures. 


  1. Oh my gosh, they look so big eating at the "big table!" *sniff*

    I think it's funny and cute that Eden is teaching Harry how to climb into things. Oh, the trouble they could get into together! ;-)

  2. The wrestling pictures are adorable!!! by the way...where did you get your table again? I know I have asked you this before but I forgot. :P

    1. We got it at Bassett Furniture in G'boro. They are always super expensive, but they were having a major sale so we snagged it for a good price. Was about 8 years ago though. :)

  3. These pictures are great! I just love seeing Eden taking care of Harry. So adorable they are :-)