Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's Up?

Here's what's up in the Caranci household:

1. My back is out, Jason is playing stay at home dad, I'm headed to the chiropractor this afternoon. 

2. The kids have been awesome this week - Harry especially seems to be breaking into some new habits including playing happily, being more content, and being more obedient. 

(yes, I realize this is the back of his head but isn't it so cute?) 

 3. It is REALLY hot. We are trying not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I can't wait for fall!

4. We have still been trying out new recipes, including french toast muffins for breakfast on Saturday. They were good. 

 5. We confirmed this week that Jason's sister (Joanna) is coming to visit for a WEEK over Labor Day!!! And...we get to go to the beach while she is here! Plus (as if it could get better), our closest friends (Glenn and Rebecca) get to go to the beach too! Gonna be a great time. 

6. My grandmother has been in the hospital since last Thursday for dehydration and a reaction to some medication. She still isn't home, and the kids are missing her like crazy. She seems to be slowly recovering. 

7. Although I hate Grammy is in the hospital, I'm really excited that my Mom is coming into town this week to stay for a few weeks to help them. That means we get to see her too! 

8. We are doing some little things around the house, and I even picked up painting again. I took a long hiatus after spending months painting the entire house and I finally feel ready to finish up the trim. I'm already tired of it again. 

9. I am excited about my current exercise regime and the next blog post will be all about it.

10. It's time for lunch. :)  


  1. Anna you are so cute! that's all! :O)

  2. It is so hot. Fall is my favorite season. I hope your back feels better! If you ever need someone to watch the kids, I'm right down the street! Just drop them off!