Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Beach Trip

Over Labor Day weekend, we were able to go to the beach with Jason's sister Joanna, and our very dear friends, Glenn and Rebecca and their daughter Holley. Holley has been watching our kids since Eden was a newborn, and she is our favorite babysitter! 

(sorry this is so fuzzy, it was so hot that my camera fogged up on a few shots) 

I need to just take a minute and say what a blessing this family has been to ours. Glenn and Rebecca have gone over and beyond to help us with anything and everything we have needed. We have known them for about 7 or 8 years and they have always been so generous to us! On top of that, their daughter Holley has been wonderful for our kids - they love her! She is just like her parents, having such a giving spirit. We are so grateful to have this family in our lives and we love them dearly! 

Harry and Eden got lots of love on our beach trip, being passed from one lap to the next:

And don't forget their doting Auntie Jo was there too, just in case they didn't have enough attention! Here she is walking down to the beach with Eden:

Not surprisingly, the kids had a great time in the sand and water:

(this is one of my favorites!)

After getting some good play time in, some birds decided to crash our party:

(I love that Holley is chasing Harry in this picture)

(this is one of my favorites too; Eden is chasing a little tiny bird wanting to catch it so badly!)

(Harry was getting a little tuckered out)

(walking back with Holley)

Sorry there are no shots of Jason at the beach, he didn't end up going with us the day I took my camera. But we weren't beach bums the whole time, there was lots of game playing, shopping, and eating involved too. 
Since we had our favorite babysitter with us, all of the adults were able to go out for dinner one night:

Glenn and Rebecca

Jason and Joanna

Me and Jason

We had such a wonderful time! There was a ton of laughter and many memories made. The Lord also provided some stellar deals at the outlets for the kids' fall wardrobes. We are so grateful to our grandparents for letting us use the beach house to get some much needed rest. :) 

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