Monday, September 17, 2012

Living&Active Checkpoint #1

Here it is, my first check in for my health goals! I think the easiest way to do this is in bullet form:

1. Physical: I did my four days of exercise for the living and active challenge through Peak313Fitness. This mostly consisted of walking, but I also threw in some fun stuff like dancing with the kids (holy cow, that is exhausting for a full 25 minutes!). This week I am hoping to get at least 5 days in!

2.  Spiritual: I memorized the verse for Peak313 and also did the Setting Captives Free (SCF) Bible study every day - this is a big one for me! To have a solid week of study everyday is a big accomplishment - I started a habit of doing it first thing when the kids take a nap so I am almost guaranteed enough time to finish before they wake up. I have had to let some other things go (napping and sometimes even showering!), but it has been worth it. This study has been incredible. 

3. Eating: this has taken a major change this week. I have realized through my Bible study that overeating is a sin and the only way I can overcome that is to call on the Lord. It is not just about what I eat, not even mostly about what I eat - it is about being submitted to God and His leading. I am sure some people think I am making a bigger deal out of this than is necessary, but I know for me, this is bigger than simply what I eat. The SCF study has encouraged not participating in a specific "diet" but rather being aware of hunger/full cues  that our bodies naturally give us. I know this seems really logical and obvious, but it has finally clicked in my brain. I have been in constant flux, thinking I should do weight watchers, then paleo, then gluten-free, and the list goes on. But I have realized this week that I want to be free from a diet-ruled lifestyle. God does not restrict the things we can eat but we must eat in a balanced, self-controlled way. Although weight watchers does teach that, I was getting way too caught up in the rules and limitations. I was placing too much focus on every little thing rather than just being led by the Spirit.  

I hope that makes sense - like I said, it is something that I'm sure some people will look at as silly. But this has been a major breakthrough for me. I am more satisfied, eating less, relying on God's direction, and more concerned about Him than food. That is an upgrade. :) I will share more about the eating changes I have made as time goes on. Here is a post I put in our FB accountability page that may explain a little better:

 I've had a major breakthrough! As I was doing my SCF study last night, I realized something - I am still trying to do this myself and I am totally discounting God's power. I kept thinking "I have weight watchers to follow and fall back on" or "I need to do paleo"...I have realized that it isn't about what I eat as much as about what God directs me to do. Now this is totally scary for me - not to have a step by step approach to what I can/can't eat, but I'm convinced that is exactly what God wants from me - total dependence. To trust Him fully and to be seeking to hear the Spirit's voice with such fervor that I trust even as He leads me in what I should eat. I am listening to my body's signals for hunger/fullness. Although I feel very vulnerable without a specific plan, I feel at such amazing peace and freedom too! Please pray that I will stay focused as I listen closely for God's leading.

4. The accountability through our FB page with Sarah and Melissa has been amazing. The support they have offered has been priceless to me!

So there's my update - some great things are going on, and although I am feeling a bit vulnerable with not having a specific eating plan, I am feeling WAY more peaceful about it!

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