Monday, September 10, 2012

Living and Active Day 1

Today is the launch day in with the Living and Active Challenge by Peak313! Obviously, there isn't much to report since today is day one, but I still wanted to get things kicked off properly. :) 

There are several facets that I am tying into my current fitness/diet goals, so I thought a post spelling it all out would be helpful for you and me! Here we go:

1. I am doing the Living and Active 5 week challenge through Peak313Fitness. This involves an exercise goal of at least 25 minutes a day, at least 4 days a week. It also has a spiritual goal of memorizing one verse a week. 

2. I am following a 60 day Bible study called Setting Captives Free. This is another spiritual goal, to spend time studying the specific topic of overeating and how to overcome it with the Word. 

3. I am still doing weight watchers and am considering doing another whole30 (paleo). I am trying to ease myself into eating mostly paleo-approved foods anyway, but would like to do another whole30 (30 days of strict paleo eating) just as another level to my diet.  I will keep you updated if/when I decide to start that. 

4. I am keeping accountable in two ways: first, a competition with some of my family members to see who can lose the most weight between now and Christmas. We have all put $20 into a pot and whoever wins gets all the money ($120 total). This is great because not only are we all trying to change our lifestyles, but there is good incentive to keep it up. I am also part of a three girl accountability group made up of my SIL and her best friend from high school (my SIL introduced us and we have been friends for a while now too :)). I am SO excited about this! We have created a facebook page just for us and we post daily about what we are eating, how we are exercising, our struggles, etc. All three of us are doing the Living and Active Challenge together. I'm hoping that we will continue to share each other's journey even after the 5 weeks of that is finished!

5. My plan is to devote one blog post a week (probably on Mondays) that recaps all of my exercise and food for the previous week. This is more for another level of accountability for me rather than a stimulating read for all of you (sorry!). It helps to see in writing what I have eaten and done physically one week at a time. 

So there you have it - my first checkpoint will be next Monday, so check back to see my progress! 

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