Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A big boy, a mini makeover, and some family love

The point of that random title was to foretell of this random post. 

It's official: I no longer have a baby in the house. There are no cribs and no changing tables (although one has yet to potty train, he is too big for the changing table). After much though, we transitioned Harrison to a toddler bed. 

We thought we might be crazy. It isn't a hidden fact that Harry is our adventurer. When we moved Eden into a toddler bed, not only was she older than Harry is now, but she didn't start getting out of it by herself until about 3 months ago. I'm not sure what it was, but she was perfectly content to stay in her toddler bed just like she stayed in her crib. We knew Harry would be different - in fact, we joked about keeping him confined as long as possible! But there were several factors that lead to us giving it a go:

1. He had gotten stuck in his crib at least 3 times in the last couple of months, with the most recent one being quite traumatic for him and us. It was nerve-wracking to find his poor little legs at such a twisted angle!
2. We had a friend offer us a toddler bed for free, which we had planned to keep and store til he was ready, but since we already had it...
3. We were borrowing his crib and changing table from a friend and I was ready to give it back - it always made me a little paranoid knowing that it wasn't really our furniture.
4. We wanted to move him out of a crib before he realized how to climb out of it himself and potentially get seriously hurt. 

After talking through all of those things, we decided it wouldn't hurt to try. And worse case scenario, we could always put him back in the pack'n'play, but still give back the furniture to our friends. 

The verdict? He did AWESOME. We really don't give that little man enough credit! The first night we prepared ourselves for it to be war, but we were pleasantly surprised. It take us a night or two to realize he did not like sleeping with a pillow, but once we took that out he was happy as a clam. Now granted, the real seller for this idea was that he cannot open his door yet, which means even if he was out of bed he would not be out of his room. He sleeps with it pitch black, so we weren't worried about him staying up and playing through the night since he couldn't see. 

He seems to really like it and we haven't really had any issues to speak of. Occasionally he will wander out of his bed and knock on his door a few times if he isn't ready to sleep, but if we don't go in there he eventually goes back to bed.  This morning he even woke up and played for a little while before I went to get him! It was nice not to have to go rushing in before his yells woke Eden up, like we normally do. 

As a plus, with all of the furniture out of there he has a whole lot more room to play. 

I'm still working on design ideas, but for now things are good to go. I can't believe how he is growing and changing so quickly - as each stage passes, it is bittersweet. I do have to say that moving out of diapers completely will be simply sweet, though. :) 

On to a mini makeover. Downstairs we had a green floor lamp that I have had since college. I'm not a huge fan of floor lamps, because I think they tend to be outdated-looking. I like the height that it adds downstairs though, and it adds function too. The only problem? Nothing downstairs is green. And it had gold on it - major no-no in my book! So out came the ORB. Here is the before and after:

Not that much difference, I know. But it makes my mind stop thinking about that little sliver of gold! It's a problem, I know. 

Lastly, I finally printed a bunch of new and updated pics of Jason's side of the family from Christmas. We got so many good candid shots that I decided we needed to put them up around the house. Here are a couple of new ones:

Sorry so blurry :( 

I know you can't see those last two very well, but they are pics of Jason's sisters, mom and one of his nephews. They are just stuck on the magnet board of our desk, but I love it being not so sterile looking with the personal photos. 

I printed off some others of my family too and they are waiting to find frames and a spot in the house. I love the personal touch that family pics add, especially since my taste tends to be so neutral. Each little step makes our house more of a home!

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