Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Health Update

I'm a little late for February's health update, but that is because I have been in a total funk. Things were going so well before Christmas and even in January, but then all of a sudden I just lost all motivation. Got a little slack in one area, then it all just snowballed. 

So there isn't a lot of good updates to give. However, here is my list as it stands:

1. The family competition is still on and everyone is doing awesome except me! I am so proud of my mom, sister and brother. They have stayed the course and inspired me to get back on track. 

2. I am still limiting gluten, but not as much as I could. This is an area I have been slack in. I have begun attending weight watcher meetings again, only because I really need stability in order to thrive. I have to know in measurement form what is the right amount to eat and weight watchers helps with that. It is basically a glorified calorie counting system. I really do love this plan, and although I am tailoring it to my needs this time (gluten-limited, listening to hunger/full cues, etc.), it is a good system. 

3. The 8 week contest I was in with my FB girls got cancelled, but I am now teaming up with one of closest local friends (hey Meg!) to earn points for good behavior, haha! We still earn points like the last competition for making healthy choices, i.e., drinking water, exercising, eating well, etc. 

4. I finished the Lord's Table Bible study and have honestly felt a little lost without it. It was a great tool that kept me consistent with my Bible time and once it was done I kinda floundered a bit looking for something new. I have a new reading plan now and I'm excited to have another steady course to follow. I do so much better with a plan!

5. My back is currently doing horribly. Just last week it decided to give me grief again and I'm still not able to sit for more than about 5 minutes at this point. But, it could be that I got back into my exercise regime and it just didn't handle it well. I got a Just Dance video game and absolutely love it - although I am sweating like crazy, it is SO much fun. Guess my back didn't agree. 

So there you have it - not much. No weight difference to report, although it has been up the last few weeks (already starting to come back down). It is hard to admit that I have failed, but honesty is important to me. This health goal is hard and it isn't always happy reports, but I am dedicated to reporting all of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly. This month wasn't so pretty, but hopefully next month will be different!

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