Thursday, February 7, 2013

IKEA Projects

For those who don't know, is one of my favorite DIY blogs. I read it everyday! They wrote their first book last year and I got it for Christmas. They just so happened to be making a stop on their book tour in Charlotte this week so I made a day of it! My friend Shawna and I headed out Tuesday morning for a fun-filled day, including IKEA, a movie, and the book signing. She is a professional photographer and took shots of the whole "meeting the author" experience, so that will get its own post! 

For now, you know I have to share what I got at IKEA. :) 

My first purchase was a simple, white frame. Jason's sister, Joanna, had given him a bag of coffee beans from Mexico for Christmas. The bag was so cool, we wanted to display it somehow in the kitchen - the frame worked like a charm!

Next up was a photo album:

Now, I am not a sentimental person. I don't like to keep stuff just to keep it. But as I was pulling down the Christmas cards after the holidays, I realized I wish there was a way I could keep the ones with photos from family. Then I had the idea to use a blank photo album and just glue the cards inside, as well as our own yearly card to have a keepsake that wouldn't take up too much room. This album from IKEA was extra large and only $4.99! It will last several years with the included pages. 

(this one doesn't have a photo, but it was from Jason's best friend Ken and I just loved it!)

Item #3: A hook for my long necklaces. I have had them hanging in our bathroom on the towel bar, but needless to say, they didn't really fit the decor. These hooks were $1.99 for 2, and screw right into the wall. I hung it in a little discreet spot right inside our closet:

I keep all of my other jewelry in that little hanging bag you see there, so it is nice to have all of the jewelry in one spot. 

Last for now was a new sheet set: 

I tend to pick neutrals like browns, so this turquoise is a nice change of pace and brings a new depth to our wall color. They were a bargain at only $34. Super comfy and extra long so you don't feel like you are wrestling an alligator trying to get them on! 

We spent about 3 hours shopping, and I didn't get everything on my list - but there's always next time. :) 


  1. I love Ikea! We are going next week as a family. I have my small list going, but you've given me a few more ideas. Thanks! Love your coffee station by the way!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate IKEA for being inexpensive and modern, but very utilitarian too. I love organizing, haha! And it is a wonderful family place - hope you guys have fun!