Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A DIY Fail

Sometimes I am inspired by something that I know will not fit in our home. I may love it, but realize it just won't work in the current space we have. Other times I love something, try it, and have to undo it. 

I recently had one of the those times. My inspiration was this pin on pinterest:

I loved how the dark doors warmed up the space. My style tends to be neutral and clean and can often come across as too sterile, so I thought darker doors might help. 

Here's our hallway with off-white trim (I still haven't gotten around to finishing up all the painting in this house, I still have trim and doors left):

I had visions of lovely black doors, giving a nice rich feel to our home interior. So I got to painting! It took several coats, but by the end I had a beautiful dark door and couldn't wait to get it back in:

This door is to our bedroom and when we put it back in place to check it out, we knew it wasn't going to work. Our room is dark already, with navy-ish walls. The black door just swallowed the room and was too dark, even for me (I love heavy dark colors and rooms). 

We entertained the idea of only painting the sides of the doors black that faced the hall, and leave the other sides that faced into each room in white. But that just seemed a little too much. For whatever reason I couldn't get out of my head the fact that I would probably have to re-paint most of them if we were ever to try and sell the house. Plus, it really bothers me when things are not symmetrical, even, and consistent. Somehow having doors that were black on one side and white on the other just made me cringe in a weird                  I-might-have-OCD-tendencies way. 

So now I'm in the process of painting it white again. But that's okay! I do still love the look of the darker doors but I can appreciate that it won't work in our current house. My latest home decor inspirations have been much brighter anyway, so it's all working out. That's one of the things about DIY - you have to be willing to admit some projects simply don't work and then you undo them. :) 

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