Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Bit of Spring Cleaning, er...Organizing

I do so love to clean and organize! Especially in the spring, when all things are feeling freshened up. Unfortunately, my back has been flaring up and hasn't allowed me to do much. But one little teensy update I did was to prep the bathrooms for easy cleaning. 

When we moved to this house, we got THREE bathrooms. Hallelujah! We came from a one bathroom home (that didn't even have a tub!) so I felt like we were moving into luxury. And although I do love having all 3 of them, obviously it created a little more cleaning. Since one of the bathrooms is downstairs, it made sense to have multiple cleaning items stored in each bathroom to keep me from having to cart everything up and down the stairs every time I wanted to clean. 

Enter these little cuties from the dollar bin at Target:

I think they are actually supposed to be used as spritzers to water plants, but I saw potential for my bathrooms. I had bulk size containers of Windex and Lysol All Purpose Cleaner and just divvied it up between three containers each, one for each bathroom. Combined with a roll of paper towels and a toilet brush, each bathroom is now set for spontaneous cleaning at any time!

I didn't take a picture of our bathroom cabinet because it is a total disaster and on my to-clean-out list. :) 

So there you have it - a very simple way to make life easier when cleaning. And I totally have to give a shout out to the dollar section at Target, they always have great stuff!

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  1. I NEED THOSE ASAP!!!!!!! I've been dying to get my hands on plain spray bottles (aka ones that aren't windex or something) so I can mix up my vinegar/dawn bathroom cleaner!