Monday, April 15, 2013

Caranci Kiddos Update

Thought I would do a little post on random kid shots, just in their everyday. Enjoy!

Here is a shot I took of Eden in Piper's bed, and it reminded me of a shot of her way back when...look how much she's grown!

I walked in Eden's room to find Harry snug as a bug in Eden's baby doll stroller, enjoying a movie. :) 

We had a picnic lunch in Eden's room on a rainy day. 

I hate to be part of the cliche, but I managed to snap all of 5 pics for Harry's 2nd birthday, totally proving the theory that the 2nd kid doesn't have near the photos as the first. This was at the family dinner, celebrating 4 April birthdays - Jason, Grammy, Kellan and Harry. I didn't snap pics of any of the other birthday babies (except Jason managed to get in on a couple with Harry)! I'm a horrible blogger, but oh well! It is always chaos when we are all together, so the fact that I got any is lucky. He got a new tricycle, camo sleeping bag, train set, and scooter. I'd say quite the haul! We will have a few family things on his actual birthday (April 26th) so I will make sure to be a better photographer for those!

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