Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shmoopy's Birthday

So the month of April is a busy one for us as far as birthdays. Jason, Harry, Grammy, Kellan, Jason's mom (Meme), my uncle, our "adopted" sister Sharon, and two of my closest friends were all born in the lovely spring month of April, so we celebrate for a full 30 days! 

We usually have one combined family dinner to celebrate all of the birthdays, but the kids and I did just a little something for Jason on his actual birthday last Saturday. 

We decorated the music room:

Had just a couple little things for him to open:

A nice monogrammed travel bag from my parents:

 A new pillow!

Eden picked out some candy and a card - she kept saying the dog on the card had pretty teeth and looked like Jasper. :) 

After gifts we took off to Sam's to activate a new membership and get some freebies and lots of produce. 

For dinner that night, Jason and I got take out from Olive Garden and nommed on pasta and cake while watching our latest Netflix TV show. 

Although it wasn't an over-the-top celebration, it was wonderful just to hang out together! The weather was beautiful and we spent some time outside too. I am so thankful for April 6th because it is the day we celebrate my Shmoopy - he is what makes my everyday life amazing. Here's to another year!

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  1. Harry and Eden are such the little Mini Me's of you and Jason in the picture where he is about to open the pillow. So cute!! The only thing missing is you in all the pictures.