Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Megan!

God has blessed me with some pretty amazing friends. I met Megan in college and our friendship has grown stronger and stronger over the years (12 to be exact!). We even toured in a singing group together and made lots of memories traveling the US as well as England, Scotland and Ireland. 

My dear friend turned 30 this year! We celebrated by getting dressed up and taking her out for a nice dinner at a local restaurant, Bleu. 

The food was amazing! We ordered an appetizer of brie that came with cranberries, apples and garlic, with pita bread for dipping. 

My salad (sorry for the dark pics, there was some serious mood lighting!):

I ordered bleu cheese crusted steak with potatoes:

I didn't get shots of everyone's food, but all of the dishes had such pretty presentation! Here's Shawna's shrimp and grits:

Chatting with the birthday girl, Shawna and Meg:

Shawna and Erika:

Me and Deanna:

Tabatha (her picture comes later, because it was the best :) made a delicious banana chocolate chip cake. We presented it and sang ever so softly to wish our dearie a happy birthday (sorry most of what you hear is me singing since I'm holding the camera):

And the promised pic of Tab:

I have the best friends! :) 

Opening gifts:

Such a fun evening with my favorite girls! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, Meg, we love you!

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  1. Love you, too, friend! Thanks to all my girls for an awesome celebration! I enjoyed every minute and fell SO blessed to have all of you as friends!