Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Day in the Life...

A bunch of random shots in no particular order, for your viewing pleasure:

Harry is loving reading! He brings us books and loves to point at the pictures. 

Every once in a while I find this when I walk back to our bedroom. :) 

I was cooking in the kitchen when I started listening to Eden talking to the dogs - she was telling them how to sing! I think we might have a future choir director on our hands. 

Eden has been helping me with some baking and cooking the last few weeks. 

We try to get to Grammy and Grumps' house at least one day a week. The kids LOVE to visit!

Harry and Grumps walking to the shop.

Eden acting like she owns the place, watching TV. 

Looking outside, hoping someone will take them out to play. 

I realized it was really quiet and went down the hall to find Eden and her babies sleeping in Piper's bed. :) 

Handsome Harry isn't afraid to use his pink paci. 

Just a normal day in this blessed life we lead! :D


  1. So sweet. The outfit Eden is wearing in the dog bed is one of my favorites, Jorja has the same one. It is too cute!

  2. OMG they are too cute!!! Eden is sitting a lot like Grumps does when he watches TV! Haha :)

    I love that she's sleeping in the dog bed. So, so, so sweet! Poor Harry - only has a pink paci. ;-)