Monday, October 8, 2012

Living and Active Week 4 CheckPoint

Time for my weekly check in! I got in my 5 times of exercise this week, 25 minutes or more. Every time was walking this week as my back has NOT been cooperating. But still, I was very glad to have gotten in what I needed to in order to hit the goal. 

Eating is going well too, although I definitely struggled a bit this week. One of the things I have learned is that feeling hungry is not a bad thing. Before, I would get all anxious if I felt a little weak or nauseous from not eating. The study I am doing has helped me realize that I am not going to have any major problems just from a little hunger. I am not going to pass out, I might just feel a little weak. This may seem like a silly truth, but it has made a difference! It used to be that when I was hungry I would go crazy and eat everything in sight. Now if I get hungry I step back and think that it is a good thing, it means I have not overeaten and I can eat something if I want to. Sometimes it is all about perspective, and keeping calm when things have a tendency to be blown out of proportion. 

I am loving my Bible study, Setting Captives Free. It has been eye-opening. I have a great mentor who responds to my questions and answers daily. She really is amazing - I can't believe the dedication she has to helping me, especially because she didn't know me until I signed up! She has been a great encouragement and almost all of her words of wisdom are straight from God's word - if I ask her something or express concern, she will give me a verse in answer. It is always spot on. 

I have found that having a mentor and my accountability group through Sarah and Melissa makes all the difference. They keep me on the straight and narrow. I have also learned that it isn't enough to simply turn away from food - I have to turn TO something. And that something is God - He is the only thing that will fill this void I am trying so hard to use food to fill. His Word always gives me what I need to overcome my habitual sin. He is the only answer to this problem in my life. 

I am trying to keep an attitude of humility as I continue on this exciting journey. God is working in my life in many areas, and I am so blessed that He hasn't given up on me! 

This week's weight loss was 1.4 lbs. :) 

See ya next week for my last check point in the Living and Active Challenge from Peak313 Fitness! I will continue to blog about my weekly weigh-ins and Bible study topics. 


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Accountability is a huge motivator, so glad you have great mentors to keep you focused!! blessings for a great week!!

  2. Well done on your great week! Love and blessings to you today!